• Looking for something fun to do in Beijing?

    As an international student or an expat in Beijing it can be hard to find out about events, festivities or just where to go for a good meal if one doesn’t speak Chinese.  A good tip could be to look at The Beijinger– an English online/print newsmagazine directed at Beijing’s international community. On The Beijinger you […]

  • Looking to Work while Being an International Student in Norway?

    Life in Norway can be expensive for students, and therefore taking a part-time job could be a solution to ease life in Norway. There are however a couple of things and practicalities that international students in Norway need to keep in mind before finding a job.

  • Pre-Departure Event for Students Studying in Norway

    Pre-Departure Event for Students Studying in Norway

    On the 24th of June, with support from the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beijing, NorAlumni China hosted its annual pre-departure event for Chinese students going for an exchange semester/year in Norway.

  • BI is looking for a Program Manager for its BI-Tsinghua Education Programme for Entrepreneurs in Beijing

    In 2017, and together with Tsinghua University in Beijing, BI Norwegian Business School established a new educational program for entrepreneurs. The program, which is designed to meet the needs for high tech start-ups, aims to develop the students and companies’ ability to innovate, grow and internationalise. It will focus on linking companies’ corporate strategy with their […]


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