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If you are in need of funding for your studies or want to see what scholarships are available related to China and Norway, please have a look at the following pages.

Embassy funding

The Chinese Embassy in Norway have listed up several sources of funding, both supported externally and by the Chinese government.

Embassy funds and scholarships

Statens Lånekasse

The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund provides grants and loans for  Norwegian citizens studying both in Norway and abroad. Non-citizens are also in some cases eligible for loans.

If you are a Norwegian citizen looking to study in China, Statens Lånekasse’s web pages gives you information on how much you financial aid you can get, as well as lists over schools which are approved by Statens Lånekasse.

Statens Lånekasse

Legathåndboken (Norwegian only)

Legathåndboken har samlet opp over 2000 stipender tilgjengelig i alle kategorier. Om man søker i håndboken kan man også finne relevante stipender for studieutveksling mellom Norge og Kina.

Se mer på Legathåndbokens hjemmesider:


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